Photographic Gallery of Sea Kayaking in Nova Scotia

Picture yourself in one of these photos

The coastline around the Cape Chignecto Provincial Park offers endless motives for photographers. You will want to capture how the tide changes the look of the majestic coastline as you paddle along the high cliffs or try and catch an artistic shot of the caves, waterfalls, seaweed or starfish in the water – not to mention your kids playing or your friends stretching on the beach; your camera will be at work all the time!  The double kayaks are perfect for capturing all those special memories!

Our service includes a dry-bag for your camera. If you want your picture taken just ask your guide. Click on the photos below to enlarge.


Fundy Location

The Three Sisters at high tide
Checking out the Three Sisters at low tide
Fun at the waterfalls at low tide
Profile of one of the Three Sisters
Eatonville Harbour
Cormorant's rest stop
Eroding beach, Red Rocks tour
Advocate Harbour at low tide.
Archway at Three Sisters high tide
Archway at Three Sisters low tide
Seal Cove on a foggy day
Archway at high tide Red Rocks tour
Archway at low tide, Red Rocks tour
Snack stop by Eatonville Harbour
Rock spire, the Three Sisters
Old Sal at high tide
Old Sal at low tide in Refugee Cove makes you feel tiny
Views from the cave at Arch Gulch at low tide
Views from the cave at Arch Gulch at low tide
Quick dip on a hot day
Exploring the hidden channels on the Bay of Fundy
Our launch-spot at Red Rocks
Colorful shelter on a rainy day
The last standing tree
A carpet of seawead by Red Rocks
Starfish gets fat feeding on huge mussle beds
Arch at Horseshoe Cove at Low Tide
Arch at Horseshoe Cove at High Tide
Another perfect day on the Bay of Fundy
Your launch from Red Rocks
Spire near Cap D'or
Three Sisters paddle at low tide
Insutructions at Red Rocks
Chanel at Horse Shoe
Rush of High Tide
Seals on the rocks
Closeup of seal
A deer takinging in the kayak instructions
Our camp at seal cove
Stuff found on the beach along the Bay of Fundy
Drying Dulse by the Bay
30 seconds to kayak launch
Exploring a cave
Eatonville river at high tide
Arch behind 3 sisters.
A window on our world
Kayaking 3 Sisters
Squally Point with elevated beach
Checking out the arch at Keyhole Brook
Bear on the way into launch at Spicer's Cove
Loons at Spicer's Cove
Hike from Advocate Harbour to Red Rocks
A constantly changing coast that can only be seen by kayak
Paddling the sea stacks
Instruction on the beach
Family Fun on the water
Having fun in some waves!
Instruction on the beach
Seak Kayaking Amazing Sea Stacks on the Bay of Fundy
Beautiful Eider Ducks
A constantly changing coast that can only be seen by kayak
Wow, What a calm day!
Instruction on the beach
Meditation on our multi day tours in awe inspiring locations

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